The new digs…

The new hotel is up the beach a fair distance from the Conch.

It’s a typical island hotel, quite a nice location across the road from the beach, and the room is like a small apartment with a separate bedroom. Oh, and there’s a light and mirror over the vanity – bonus!

The first thing I noticed when we pulled up was a two-step stairway to get onto the property. Nonetheless, ever the innovative one, I managed to get up quite easily. It’s the going down that is a bit tricky. The wheels tend to slide on the said (which covers everything) so I can’t get a solid stance. However, with a little care I can manage that as well.

There’s a kiosk bar just steps away, but it doesn’t sell food. The restaurant is a walk down the beach, and apparently it has tables on the ground level. I haven’t been there yet, but I do know it has a 4 -5 – step stairway to get into the main if it happens to rain – also to get into the washrooms.

That raises the risk odds of being caught short either coming or going.

Also, while I have a very nice spot to work outside – under some trees – there is no power or lamp here out here. Therefore I shall have to get them to set me up on the verandah outside my room.

It’s too early to tell, but I think it is going to be a challenge of adaptation.

The good news is that it iis only for 5 days – if I haven’t broken my neck first! Pictures to follow when I get unpacked and settled.

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