Me customer, you server. I pay, you get paid…

After waiting three hours for the restaurant to open (for my first cup of coffee), the time finally came around and I was waiting at the steps. Well…
I have often said that pop music these days is about as entertaining as listening to a jack hammer. Well imagine the two of them together … With kids and dogs screaming and barking in the background.
My concept of hell!
I finally asked the waiter to turn down the music, but he explained that if he did he couldn’t hear it over the jack hammer. “He” couldn’t hear it?!… So I carefully explained the juxtaposition here, “Me customer, you server. Me pay, you get paid. So turn down the (f*ckin’) music.
What is it with these people and ‘music’ – to put it loosely? They must be suffering from an identity crisis – “Listen to my woofers and tweeters. I’m a big man/woman … Make big noise. Therefore, I am.”
hearing loss

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