I’m back to my regular digs…

It was a nice change of scene, but – noise and all – it’s good to be back in familiar territory. Also among friends. My room was waiting for me, as were Vivian, Julie, Rambo, and (co-Owner) Cathy from Texas.

Now it is wrap-up time: Getting everything organized for leaving the island. Everything must fit into 2 pieces of luggage, and I still need a flight schedule from here to the international airport. It is being made for me so that I can get a 20% discount.

I will be sorry to leave the 28C temperatures for 11C, but I need the supports that only available in civilization. For example, I need a haircut. There is a barber shop nearby, but you have to step up onto a cement block to get into it. Also, I am running low on hypodermic needle-cartridges. Things like that.

I also need new lenses for my glasses. The sand has scratch hell out of the coating, so I have to take them off to see. My prescription sunglasses are not effected, though.

Now that the main tourist season is winding down, the noise level is winding down as well. That makes it almost ideal around here. Mind you we still have the pathetic souls (read “jerks”) walking around with ghetto blasters blasting, but fortunately they are passing. Also, I don’t think they are unique to the island. They are just part of a trending inconsiderate and anti-social society.

Fortunately I live in a neighbourhood that is fairly quiet (up ’til now), so I suppose I notice it more.

It is a partly overcast 28C with a gentle on-shore breeze.

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