The final countdown has begun…

I’m starting to wrap things up for the homeward trek.

Today I did a small laundry that will be either packed when dry, or worn on the flight. My strategy for packing is ‘first-out, last-in’, so shaving gear and meds are last in.

I don’t know how it is, however, but things that fit quite handily into the luggage on the way down, don’t seem to fit on the turn around. It’s a mystery that has plagued me on every trip, so I end up leaving a bunch of stuff behind.

My diet is also important on these last few days. I am always paranoid about having to make an emergency trip to the washroom while on the plane, so I eat a lot of pastas beforehand. I also eat and drink very sparingly on the day of the flight Рplus keep my fingers and legs crossed.

The wind has come up again (10-15 mph), so if it doesn’t calm down before I leave the island it will make an interesting flight in a small plane. However, it’s only a 15-minute flight.

Sand is also a problem when it’s windy. The sand is mixed with sea water, so it makes everything sticky.

I will be sorry to leave these 28C temps – especially since it is forecast to be 11C when I arrive! Yikes!

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