From the nursery…

It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, that I regard children on the same level as mosquitoes. They are noisy, misbehaved (parents’ faults), and they never shut up. Having said that I have just survived (almost) the family from hell.

The parents are thoroughly ‘modern’ – meaning they don’t believe in disciplining children. Rather, they believe in talking with them. Now, from observation (…that’s as close as I care to be) children are born exploitive, and talking to them is about as effective as reading them in Swahili.

In addition, the baby never shut up FOR ONE SECOND from morning until late at night – a sort of whining moaning sound that cut through walls like a drill. The girl (about 6) was spoiled rotten, and thought nothing of sassing her parents (who reasoned with her). The first time I saw her she was sucking on a soother, which tells you something.

Anyway, this has been going on since last Thursday, and others have complained as well, so this morning they took off like a travelling sideshow – kids screaming and parent reasoning, and me breathing a sigh of relief.

The good side of Ambergris – the weather – is showing another face (equally as nice). Yesterday was hot and humid – near 90 – but today is balmy. Plus – and a big PLUS it is – it has a quieting effect on everyone. If things were like this on a continuing basis I’d consider living here, but I know it is only a lull in the storm.

It's nice to see some families going down the road.
It’s nice to see some families going down the road.

Saturday night … Penance night

Its 86 on a Saturday night.
The island is crowded with a strange mixture. A bunch of college students (I think) from the US. They were gathered to watch the football game at the sports bar next door this afternoon. There are quite a group of them, but so far they have been quite orderly (…Touch wood).
There are a few ‘question marks’ booked in upstairs. That’s the term I use when I suspect a sleepless night ahead. They’ve been quiet enough so far, but we’ll see after they get a few drinks into them – which is generally about 2 – 3:00 in the morning.
Wednesday and Saturday nights are ‘penance nights’. Those are the nights when the bar up the beach has a 3-hour stretch of ‘live’ music – one guy on an electronic keyboard.
I preface this by saying that I dislike repetition of any kind. Once it is done, or said … or sung twice, it starts to grate on my nerves a third time and beyond. Suffice to say that the bass chords of reggae music are the same, as is the key, as is the beat, so you can imagine my frayed nerves at the end of three hours of this repetitious thumping.
In addition, like most music on Ambergris, it is two or three times as loud as it should be, and the singer is only ‘close’ to the key most of the time.
I already have a headache and there are a full hour, three minutes, and 15 seconds to go! (But who’s counting?)
It was 86 degrees today, with no breeze, and the week is forecast to be the same. I’m working outside, and it’s hot.
More next time.

And the ‘fun’ goes on…

We experienced a power failure last night.

I always carry a pin-light around with me, on my key chain, so I was prepared. In addition there was enough light from the computer to get around.

However, while the lights were out, someone came around and sprayed something into the room through the screen window. I wasn’t certain what the sound was, and didn’t realize it until my throat and eyes began to smart. That is when I rushed to put a wash cloth over my mouth and opened the back shutters. With a 10 – 15 mph breeze it soon cleared out whatever it was.

I still don’t know what was in the spray, but I suspect pepper spray.

I’m surround by kids. The baby next door never shuts up. A sort of fussing that goes on day and night. It carried on last night until I yelled. They must have stuck a soother in its mouth after that, because it was quiet.

…That was, until the one on the other side started screaming at about 7:00 AM.

On the good news front, the download of Windows 10 appears to have solved my computer woes. It comes with its own anti-virus protection, so I think I’m protected from another attack. Mind you, I was running Norton’s the last time, and the virus deleted it. Don’t know how, but it did.

Unlike before, I actually like this version of Windows 10. It seems to have cleared up all the problems that existed on the earlier version.

The dollar was up to 77-cents – yesterday now that I only have one month left to pay rent. Nonetheless, it’s better than 68-cents it was before.

I laughed out loud yesterday. A video post – shot right in front of the hotel – showed an ideal Ambergris with people smiling and being so considerate and quiet. Not only that, but (get this…) quiet guitar music playing in the background. *Snort* There was not even a hint of noisy drunks, blaring reggae-rap-crap, barking dogs, and screaming kids.

More next time.