Hmm, let’s see…

Yesterday I was booked from Belize City to Miami to Toronto, then I was book from Belize City to Dallas to Toronto, and today – May 5 – I’m booked from Belize City to Miami to Toronto.

I’m also out a gazillion dollars in extra expenses, like tips to drivers, porters, etc.

For one of cheapest countries (…as advertised), Belize has been the most expensive country I’ve yet visited – BY FAR. Even before I left Canada it has cost me money an addition $800 caused when my accountant neglected to file my 2013 income tax return (which put me another year older by the time I bought my travel insurance) to $1,400 more on account of being diagnosed diabetic … And so on, and so forth.

In a word, it has been a ‘disaster.’

Mind you, the temperature has been perfection, the Conch Shell Inn was charming, and the scenery on Ambergris Caye was delightful. I would also mention the small handful of people in my immediate circle (Vivian, Julie and Rambo at the Inn, and the waiters and waitresses (politically incorrect, 🙂 ) at Lilly’s and Jambel’s.

That’s it for the money.


Hello from guess where … BELIZE CITY!

No, this isn’t Ground Hog Day. It’s ‘Screwed-Up Day’ with a vengeance.

You may recall a post where I said that travel is always an adventure, and that that each year is no different.

The first was finding my $300 prescription sunglasses missing. I hunted the room high and low, so the only other place I had been was a restaurant that didn’t open til 12:00, and I had to check in at the airport at 11:00. So, it was goodbye sunglasses.

I got to the airport at about 10:30 – I always leave plenty of cushion time (see above) – so I was checked in and waiting by 11:00.

No problem. I am now in the system with plenty of time to spare.

As it worked out I had PLENTY of time, because my 1:45 flight was delayed until 3:15, and when 3:15 came it was delayed until 4:20.

That was cutting it close for my 8:05 connection to Toronto, but then the word came down from nature and American Airlines that it had been cancelled altogether! [Storms over Miami.]

However, they did have a flight to Dallas, with a connection in the morning. Okay, I had paid for a hotel room in Toronto ($160) for tonight (May 4th), but I think I can collect from my $3,800 travel insurance – not counting on it, though.

In the meantime, American did give us hotel and dinner vouchers. The hotel was fine – accepted without question, but the burger shack (where I think I lost my glasses) didn’t (at least not the vampish-looking bimbos who were serve – inch-long, fake fingernails with their noses stuck in a cell phone.)

Later, the owner – a Lebanese from Toronto – was surprised by the news because he did.

So Tomorrow I say hello to Dallas. I wonder what adventures await there. :O

Homeward bound … First leg

Belize City: One down and two to go … Flights that is.

The flight from Ambergris was quick and uneventful, and I’m glad I decided to fly. The wind has gone down, but the boat ride is still long and rough outside of the reef.

My flight is tomorrow, and in the meantime I’m staying at the International airport. The room is large, but basic, and I think I’m the only one staying here – Which suits me fine.

It was good to leave that god-awful music behind in San Pedro, but wouldn’t you know it… Some guy who couldn’t do without his music (“noise”) fix, whistled for the entire flight.

I have a car and driver at my disposal (for a price), so I’m going to go to a restaurant nearby in a few minutes,

Just one more day of 28C temps, and then Brrrr

My good friends and family have done their best I’m sure, but as usual spring is taking her own sweet time getting to the cold country. It was only 45F this morning, and the forecast is for 58 (11C) on the day I get home. That’s a big drop from 28C. Yikes.

The wind has dropped considerably, which is good for flying (in a small plane). I don’t know whatt the experience will be like, but it will be an ‘experience’.

I rinsed out the last bits of clothing this morning, and already it’s already dry! Warm temps and a breeze is as good as any dryer. Even a fleece sweater dries in a couple of hours. It’s amazing.

I will finish packing today so that I will just be able to zip up tomorrow after breakfast.

Here are a couple of snap shots you may find interesting.

If you were going to park a bicycle in Belize, where would you park it?
If you were going to park a bicycle in Belize, where would you park it?


I had a breakfast companion this morning. I call him "Herman", and he is a regular at the restaurant. He's a vegetarian.
I had a breakfast companion this morning. I call him “Herman”, and he is a regular at the restaurant. He’s a vegetarian.