Hello from guess where … BELIZE CITY!

No, this isn’t Ground Hog Day. It’s ‘Screwed-Up Day’ with a vengeance.

You may recall a post where I said that travel is always an adventure, and that that each year is no different.

The first was finding my $300 prescription sunglasses missing. I hunted the room high and low, so the only other place I had been was a restaurant that didn’t open til 12:00, and I had to check in at the airport at 11:00. So, it was goodbye sunglasses.

I got to the airport at about 10:30 – I always leave plenty of cushion time (see above) – so I was checked in and waiting by 11:00.

No problem. I am now in the system with plenty of time to spare.

As it worked out I had PLENTY of time, because my 1:45 flight was delayed until 3:15, and when 3:15 came it was delayed until 4:20.

That was cutting it close for my 8:05 connection to Toronto, but then the word came down from nature and American Airlines that it had been cancelled altogether! [Storms over Miami.]

However, they did have a flight to Dallas, with a connection in the morning. Okay, I had paid for a hotel room in Toronto ($160) for tonight (May 4th), but I think I can collect from my $3,800 travel insurance – not counting on it, though.

In the meantime, American did give us hotel and dinner vouchers. The hotel was fine – accepted without question, but the burger shack (where I think I lost my glasses) didn’t (at least not the vampish-looking bimbos who were serve – inch-long, fake fingernails with their noses stuck in a cell phone.)

Later, the owner – a Lebanese from Toronto – was surprised by the news because he did.

So Tomorrow I say hello to Dallas. I wonder what adventures await there. :O

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