Hmm, let’s see…

Yesterday I was booked from Belize City to Miami to Toronto, then I was book from Belize City to Dallas to Toronto, and today – May 5 – I’m booked from Belize City to Miami to Toronto.

I’m also out a gazillion dollars in extra expenses, like tips to drivers, porters, etc.

For one of cheapest countries (…as advertised), Belize has been the most expensive country I’ve yet visited – BY FAR. Even before I left Canada it has cost me money an addition $800 caused when my accountant neglected to file my 2013 income tax return (which put me another year older by the time I bought my travel insurance) to $1,400 more on account of being diagnosed diabetic … And so on, and so forth.

In a word, it has been a ‘disaster.’

Mind you, the temperature has been perfection, the Conch Shell Inn was charming, and the scenery on Ambergris Caye was delightful. I would also mention the small handful of people in my immediate circle (Vivian, Julie and Rambo at the Inn, and the waiters and waitresses (politically incorrect, 🙂 ) at Lilly’s and Jambel’s.

That’s it for the money.


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