40F-degrees last night … Brrrr!

Yes, it`s cool – like a fall day in Canada – but if you can find a sheltered spot in the sun, it’s quite comfortable. The high forecast for today is 58.2F.

I like to sit in the sun for a few minutes every day. I have a spot on the south side of the building that is sheltered from the breeze. Unfortunately, I can’t work there because of the glare on the screen – also because there is no table and chair – but it’s a great spot to relax and contemplate the world around me.

This surely is a great spot. Not only is it quiet (so far), but it is also a picturesque piece of property. The buildings block the noise from the highways, and what little commerce there is (gas stations galore) is hidden behind a grove of trees.

Fall means that most everything goes into a state of suspended animation; the grass is brown, and the trees – while still green – are shedding leaves, etc. Still, I prefer green to white, any day.

Hills & Dales Plantation, La Grange, Georgia.
Hills & Dales Plantation, La Grange, Georgia.

Georgia is, of course, the home of some spectacular plantation houses. An example of these is Hills & Dales Plantation. It was the home of textile magnate Fuller E. Callaway, Sr. and his family. The property features the historic Ferrell Gardens, which are one of the best preserved 19th century gardens in America. The gardens were created by Sarah Ferrell between 1841 and 1903 and include extensive boxwood plantings, fountains, a herb garden and a greenhouse.

The centerpiece of the 35-acre estate is a beautiful Italian villa designed by the noted architects Neel Reid and Hal Hentz, which was completed in 1916.

I’ll include other examples in future posts.

More next time. 🙂

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