Still no word from my publisher…

Starting to get a bit nervous.

As of Monday I have sent two emails, but neither of which has been answered.

The thing that makes me nervous is that there have been quite a few publishers go out of business, taking book rights and royalties with them. It has happened to author friends of mine quite recently.

For me, it would mean six years of work plus missing the Christmas market – something that can’t be undone.

I am still optimistic, but I’m prepared for the worst.

The South is living up to its reputation for hospitality

I have been flattered with two invitations to Thanksgiving dinner. One came from the maintenance guy here at the hotel – Josh – and the other from one of the waitresses at the Waffle House. I declined as graciously as I could – preferring to do my own thing – but I thought it was very nice just the same.

The temperature is 72F today, but it has cropped to 32F on one of the previous nights. Fortunately, I have a heater in my room, and the temp climbs quite substantially (30-degrees) during the day.

I received quite a few compliments reegarding the plantation house I featured in my last post. It seems people like looking at gracious homes as much as me. Therefore, I have picked another for today’s post: “Campbell House.

Hope you enjoy it.

More next time.

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