Took $100 US from the box yesterday…

Care to guess what it cost in CAD? Would you believe $142?!!

Meanwhile, “Twinkle Toes” Trudeau is jetting around the world in ‘Canada One’, and tossing $1M gifts out the window.

It’s a partly overcast 73-degrees today, going up to 84 tomorrow. It is very dry, however, as we have not had a rainfall of any kind since the first of the month.

Laundry day, today. When travelling, everything I carry must fit on the walker. My philosophy is that it is easier to buy things than tote them around. Consequently, I pack two shirts, and wear one; two pants and wear one, and two jackets, etc.

Likewise, everything is nylon or light cotton, so when they get soiled I just wash them in the sink and they’re ready to wear the next day.

I have started writing again. Presently I’m at page 61 of 113, so the likelihood is that Part Two of COA finished before Part One is published. Such are the vagaries of having to depend on someone else – especially in this day and age.

If you’re in the market for a modest property, then I have just the one for you in today’s tour of Georgia.

The title that goes with it merely says that it is in “northern Georgia,” so I can’t tell you more than that – except it is to drool over. Moreover, the price tag is probably enough to give you a heart attack. 🙂

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