It looks like Coming of Age on the Trail: Part One may finally get published after all.

I finally got through to my publisher, and he assures me that the galley proofs will be ready by January 9, 2017, so it should be on the shelves by the end of January.

It has been a long haul. Six years in the writing, and three months in the publishing process.

A winter scene
A winter scene

Things are back to normal after Christmas. The weather has been pleasant (70s), but tomorrow is forecast cool (54F) with an overnight temp in the 40s. Still, it’s a far cry from conditions at home – 21F tomorrow with a snowfall risk in effect.

I had a pleasant reunion from 2014 this morning. The gal who operates the convenience store at the top of the hill remembered me, and I her. Unfortunately, the gal that used to taxi me to Walmart every Wednesday has left, but she still keeps in touch with the others.

The Canadian dollar is still sinking. The spread this year has gone from 80 cents to 73. It’s like roulette. I’m trying to hold off paying my USD Visa card balance, hoping that it will get back up to 74 cents, at least. However, with my financial luck, the chances are slim.

I also notice that the price of gasoline has gone from $2.09 a gallon to $2.19 a gallon in the past week. It doesn’t take the leeches long to take advantage of a change in the market. What doesn’t go up is salaries and benefits.

So, from one cash cow to others, more next time. 🙂

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