Happy New Year!

May 2017 be return to happier, simpler days, when the only challenges were sheep and the weather.
May 2017 be a return to happier, simpler days when the only challenges were sheep and the weather.

Greetings on New Year’s Eve 2017!

It’s dark now – the sun sets at 5:33 PM – but the days are getting longer. That’s one good sign, and each day is one day closer to spring.

Last night through this morning were both cool (28F and 54F), but presently it’s 61F going up to 77 tomorrow afternoon. I’ll take it.

It’s also very quiet as I look out the window. The restaurant and bar are also quiet (for the moment), but festivities start after 9:00 PM. After that, it remains to be ‘heard.’

I’ll be in bed by the time the New Year rolls in, but it always seems to get here without my help. I’ve only gone out a few times on New Year’s eve, and I generally found these to be expensive and a bit contrived: Everyone hooting on cue, and kissing the opposite sex. That’s when I started to by-pass the event.

So, tonight, I will do what I generally do and let the New Yer catch up to me.

All the best in 2017, and may the dark give way to a bright new morning ever day throughout the year.

God Bless.



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