Warming up at last…

Uninvited Guests
Uninvited Guests

The wind is shifting, so we are experiencing more seasonable-like temps (68). It’s still not warm enough for my liking, though. My comfort level starts at 72.

We had a homicide in the neighbourhood last night. Someone was shot at the hotel next door to ours,  and the cops have been looking around here as well. For a quiet little neck of the woods there are a number of drug dealers in the area, so that probably accounts for it.

I’m busy doing final editions to Coming of Age, which are due this week. It will be good to move on to something else.

I read this morning that an arctic cold front is going to dominate Febrary, and from the sub-zero temperatures at home I think it has already started – with snow. Ughhh!

More next time.

Coming of Age is finally coming…

Coming of Age on the Trail book cover
Coming of Age on the Trail book cover

I received the final proofs yesterday, so the next step is to the printer. Yahoo!

It has been a long haul – six years – so much so that I have begun to call it “the book that didn’t want to get published.” I hope that isn’t an indication of its success.

It is surprisingly long (278 pages), although not as long as my other books which all go into the 300s.

The second part and finale is about three-quarters finished, but it won’t be published until mid-year to give this part time to sell.


It’s a chilly one out there this morning – 48F. In addition, I just read that there is an arctic cold air mass building up in Siberia that is going to move south into February. Ughhh!

You can always get more of what you don’t want.

More next time.

Time for a catch up…



It’s a mixed day. Can’t seem to make up its mind between sun and rain and cool and mild. Presently it’s 68.

I see that there’s a snow squall watch in effect for home, which is not news. Between the government(s) and nature, they’re trying to send me to the poor house.

The hotel has been busier these past two weeks. I suspect it has something to do with the weather up north. It seems that whenever it gets cold or snowy, the migration starts south.

While it’s good for business, it also brings a mixed bag of people. For the past few days I’ve had a pair of kids living upstairs, and kids and noise are one in the same breath.

To make matters worse, one is a screamer (shrieker?) and the other has a basketball. In between, they run up and down the walkway, sounding like a pair of ponies.

Not to be undone, a bunch of older people moved in yesterday, and apparently, they hadn’t seen each other for a while. That always spells trouble, because they tend to gather in one room – usually next to mine – and party at night. Then, in the morning they reconnoitre again, while the women are getting ready, and so they started a 7:00 A.M.

Now, if there is one thing I am jealous about, it’s that last hour-or-so of sleep before my bladder goes ‘off.’ [My built-in alarm clock.], and so I was none too happy by the time 8:00 o’clock rolled around.

Hopefully, they’re moved on today.

There is some good news too, because the CAD is above the $0.76 range. I’m watching it daily, hoping that I can hit the high spot with my next payment to Visa USD. One cent can make a difference, and I hate paying those highway robbers any more than I have to.

Presently it has stopped raining, but the forecast is for the 50s over the weekend.

More next time.

Our little neck of the woods…

'Rain deer.'

It has been a rainy day, but, fortunately, our little neck of the woods was spared the tornados that went north to Cooks County – about 150 miles north/west of here. According to the news 15 people were killed, so I feel particularly lucky.

I did make it up to the Waffle House for both breakfast and lunch by stepping between the raindrops, so I’m well fed as well.


I don’t know whether it’s because of the weather, or not, but the hotel is fully booked – all 250 rooms! My guess is that they jumped off the highway to escape the rain and the weather forecasts.

That’s great for business, but it depends on what we get. The good news is that the rain keeps them inside their rooms, so it’s  an ill wind that doesn’t blow some good.

No real news, but no news is good news.

More next time.

Country sunshine…



There is a sort of ‘lazing in the sunshine’ feel about the weather, today. The present temp is 79 with no breeze at all.

Although it has some slight disadvantageous – like no barber shop withing walking distance – the advantages of living in the country far outweigh these, and for a country boy at heart, I prefer it to the urban tangle.

Presently, I have the hotel to myself. I haven’t seen another actual guest all day, and the only people around are staff.

There is a big clean-up going on – trees pruned or removed, painting being done, and so forth – so I hope there isn’t a sale on the horizon. It wouldn’t surprise me, though, for whenever I manage to get things the way I like them, they change. It’s happened on just about every trip I’ve taken. I’m jinxed that way.

I hope everyone and everything are safe after the freezing rain. Unfortunately, a dear friend fell and cracked two ribs. Ouch! Ribs are the worst to heal. It seems every muscle in your body is somehow attached to the ribcage, and every time you turn it reminds you of it.

It’s supper time, so more next time. 🙂

From La-La Land…



I see that freezing rain is on the menu for the home territory, so I thought I would send along this spring thought. I do try to send you some warmer weather, but it gets used up before it gets to you.

By contrast, the forecast for this corner or the nation is for warmer than average temps, so I am getting my money’s worth. Presently it is 77.

There is very little news to relate. Just eating, sleeping, and writing. It is quite peaceful except when jerks book into the hotel. I had such a pair over Friday and Saturday who spent their time drinking and fighting.

My room is adjoining theirs by a single door, so the noise is about the same as being in the room with  them … Perish the thought! Anyway, mercifully they moved out Sunday morning.

Otherwise, I have the hotel to myself most days, which suits me fine.

Most people who stop off here are on their way south or north, but I don’t see many licence plates from Canada. I did meet a couple from Keswick a while back, but otherwise it’s mostly people from the northern states.

Time to get ready for supper. The food is a little pricey, and – depending on the cook – sometimes it is not very good, but it’s handy. I also have them trained to turn down the volume when I arrive.

More next time. 🙂

Hello sunshine!…



We finally got passed the cool spell and are back to more southern temps (77F). That’s what I’m paying the bucks for, so I’ll take it.

After much delay, it looks like Coming of Age is finally on the road to publishing. I got through all the typos that Grammarly (the much-hyped grammar-checking program) overlooked so we’re in the countdown stage.

Having said that, from my experience I wouldn’t recommend Grammarly. The corrections it didn’t pick up were things like missing or superfluous words, etc., that Spellcheck would have picked up for no additional charge.

Once again, though, it’s indifference on the part of contemporary companies – they just don’t give a damn once they have your money. It really is scandalous.

I can now get back to Part Two, which I may do this evening. I’m getting anxious to get on with a different theme.

Meanwhile, winter is racking up the bills at home. I have yet to receive my December hydro bill, with Wynne’s hidden cap-and-trade included, but I’ll bet it will be a doozie – all those minus-minus temps. Yikes!

It really is a beautiful day, though.

More next time.

Brrr #4


Another chilly day (presently 50, but feels 46). I have the thermostat set for 63, and it came on about every 15 mins. last night. However, tomorrow afternoon is forecast to be 68, and 70s after that.

I have been working on proofreading Coming of Age and I am shocked by how many typos got passed Grammarly (the much-hyped grammar-checking program). It’s a good thing that I decided to do a line-by-line look because it could have been a real embarrassment to publish it that way.

There is no royal road to writing – not Spellcheck or Grammarly or any of these other gimmicks. The only sure way is the old fashioned way.

Trying to keep ahead of the foreign exchange rate – CAD to USD – is like playing roulette; sometimes you win, but most times you lose. My USD Visa card is due September 13th, but I paid it off last week because the dollar got up to $0.75 cents.

One cent makes a big difference when you’re paying big bucks every month. However, for whatever reason, Visa only posts once iin two weeks, or so, so I suspect they wait until the CAD is down before the transaction is recorded – it seems that way, anyhow.

Waiting for the temperature to rise. More next time.


I may ask for a refund!
I may ask for a refund!

Yes, it’s cool. Frost is predicted for tonight, but the good news is, NO SNOW.

I’m working on the final edits to Coming of Age. It’s like an MRI of your new baby, with only a limited number of revisions you can make. So, do I change this or that?

Altogether, I’m satisfied. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever written, but sometimes you just have to let go and move on. I am just about finished Part Two, and then on to something lighter.

I see by the news that the $60M jackpot was won in Canada. I buy $5-dollars-worth of MegaMillions every week, and so far I’ve won $4 bucks. Oh, well, it’s as good as my investments are doing under “Twinkle Toes” Trudeau. The return on my investments is going down by percentages, while my foreign expenditure is going up by billions. Is it just me, or is there something wrong with this scenario?

Tomorrow is forecast to be in the 40s, but then it starts to gradually climb into the 70s by mid-week. That’s what I’m paying the bucks for.

More next time.