Brrr #4


Another chilly day (presently 50, but feels 46). I have the thermostat set for 63, and it came on about every 15 mins. last night. However, tomorrow afternoon is forecast to be 68, and 70s after that.

I have been working on proofreading Coming of Age and I am shocked by how many typos got passed Grammarly (the much-hyped grammar-checking program). It’s a good thing that I decided to do a line-by-line look because it could have been a real embarrassment to publish it that way.

There is no royal road to writing – not Spellcheck or Grammarly or any of these other gimmicks. The only sure way is the old fashioned way.

Trying to keep ahead of the foreign exchange rate – CAD to USD – is like playing roulette; sometimes you win, but most times you lose. My USD Visa card is due September 13th, but I paid it off last week because the dollar got up to $0.75 cents.

One cent makes a big difference when you’re paying big bucks every month. However, for whatever reason, Visa only posts once iin two weeks, or so, so I suspect they wait until the CAD is down before the transaction is recorded – it seems that way, anyhow.

Waiting for the temperature to rise. More next time.

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