Hello sunshine!…



We finally got passed the cool spell and are back to more southern temps (77F). That’s what I’m paying the bucks for, so I’ll take it.

After much delay, it looks like Coming of Age is finally on the road to publishing. I got through all the typos that Grammarly (the much-hyped grammar-checking program) overlooked so we’re in the countdown stage.

Having said that, from my experience I wouldn’t recommend Grammarly. The corrections it didn’t pick up were things like missing or superfluous words, etc., that Spellcheck would have picked up for no additional charge.

Once again, though, it’s indifference on the part of contemporary companies – they just don’t give a damn once they have your money. It really is scandalous.

I can now get back to Part Two, which I may do this evening. I’m getting anxious to get on with a different theme.

Meanwhile, winter is racking up the bills at home. I have yet to receive my December hydro bill, with Wynne’s hidden cap-and-trade included, but I’ll bet it will be a doozie – all those minus-minus temps. Yikes!

It really is a beautiful day, though.

More next time.

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