From La-La Land…



I see that freezing rain is on the menu for the home territory, so I thought I would send along this spring thought. I do try to send you some warmer weather, but it gets used up before it gets to you.

By contrast, the forecast for this corner or the nation is for warmer than average temps, so I am getting my money’s worth. Presently it is 77.

There is very little news to relate. Just eating, sleeping, and writing. It is quite peaceful except when jerks book into the hotel. I had such a pair over Friday and Saturday who spent their time drinking and fighting.

My room is adjoining theirs by a single door, so the noise is about the same as being in the room with  them … Perish the thought! Anyway, mercifully they moved out Sunday morning.

Otherwise, I have the hotel to myself most days, which suits me fine.

Most people who stop off here are on their way south or north, but I don’t see many licence plates from Canada. I did meet a couple from Keswick a while back, but otherwise it’s mostly people from the northern states.

Time to get ready for supper. The food is a little pricey, and – depending on the cook – sometimes it is not very good, but it’s handy. I also have them trained to turn down the volume when I arrive.

More next time. 🙂

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