Country sunshine…



There is a sort of ‘lazing in the sunshine’ feel about the weather, today. The present temp is 79 with no breeze at all.

Although it has some slight disadvantageous – like no barber shop withing walking distance – the advantages of living in the country far outweigh these, and for a country boy at heart, I prefer it to the urban tangle.

Presently, I have the hotel to myself. I haven’t seen another actual guest all day, and the only people around are staff.

There is a big clean-up going on – trees pruned or removed, painting being done, and so forth – so I hope there isn’t a sale on the horizon. It wouldn’t surprise me, though, for whenever I manage to get things the way I like them, they change. It’s happened on just about every trip I’ve taken. I’m jinxed that way.

I hope everyone and everything are safe after the freezing rain. Unfortunately, a dear friend fell and cracked two ribs. Ouch! Ribs are the worst to heal. It seems every muscle in your body is somehow attached to the ribcage, and every time you turn it reminds you of it.

It’s supper time, so more next time. 🙂

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