Time for a catch up…



It’s a mixed day. Can’t seem to make up its mind between sun and rain and cool and mild. Presently it’s 68.

I see that there’s a snow squall watch in effect for home, which is not news. Between the government(s) and nature, they’re trying to send me to the poor house.

The hotel has been busier these past two weeks. I suspect it has something to do with the weather up north. It seems that whenever it gets cold or snowy, the migration starts south.

While it’s good for business, it also brings a mixed bag of people. For the past few days I’ve had a pair of kids living upstairs, and kids and noise are one in the same breath.

To make matters worse, one is a screamer (shrieker?) and the other has a basketball. In between, they run up and down the walkway, sounding like a pair of ponies.

Not to be undone, a bunch of older people moved in yesterday, and apparently, they hadn’t seen each other for a while. That always spells trouble, because they tend to gather in one room – usually next to mine – and party at night. Then, in the morning they reconnoitre again, while the women are getting ready, and so they started a 7:00 A.M.

Now, if there is one thing I am jealous about, it’s that last hour-or-so of sleep before my bladder goes ‘off.’ [My built-in alarm clock.], and so I was none too happy by the time 8:00 o’clock rolled around.

Hopefully, they’re moved on today.

There is some good news too, because the CAD is above the $0.76 range. I’m watching it daily, hoping that I can hit the high spot with my next payment to Visa USD. One cent can make a difference, and I hate paying those highway robbers any more than I have to.

Presently it has stopped raining, but the forecast is for the 50s over the weekend.

More next time.

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