Warming up at last…

Uninvited Guests
Uninvited Guests

The wind is shifting, so we are experiencing more seasonable-like temps (68). It’s still not warm enough for my liking, though. My comfort level starts at 72.

We had a homicide in the neighbourhood last night. Someone was shot at the hotel next door to ours,  and the cops have been looking around here as well. For a quiet little neck of the woods there are a number of drug dealers in the area, so that probably accounts for it.

I’m busy doing final editions to Coming of Age, which are due this week. It will be good to move on to something else.

I read this morning that an arctic cold front is going to dominate Febrary, and from the sub-zero temperatures at home I think it has already started – with snow. Ughhh!

More next time.

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