Think Spring!



Every day gets us closer to spring. However, I also know that the first day of spring is not the same as the first spring day.

It’s nice to see that the temperatures have moderated back home with some 48s in the forecasts. Hopefully, it will get rid of some snow.

Our little neck of the woods has been blessed this year by warmer (almost record-setting) days, with very few uncomfortable cool temperatures. Today is 77, and later on in the week, we have some 82-degree days.

If it wasn’t for Canadian law – which I have to obey even if foreigners don’t – I’d move here year-round. As it is, however, I can only be out of the country 183 days. So, how many days am I out of the country? 183! And thanks to “Twinkle Toes’ chosen people,” I have to check in and out of the country each way.

My publisher and I are just now getting the Kindle situation straightened out with Amazon – The novel was published Feb. 10th. Unfortunately, like everything else, it is caught in today’s work ethic, i.e. nobody gives a shit. It’s a job and paycheck, and when things go wrong it’s somebody else’s fault – like the guy who’s paying for it. It is so utterly frustrating.

There are a group of orientals staying just down the walkway. I heard them tell someone that they had been here since January. Mind you, they’re driving a 2017 Cadillac Escalade, so they must be refugees.

More next time.

Catch-up time…



I’m happy to say that our little neck of the woods is enjoying warmer than usual temps and spring-like weather. We are entering a week of upper-70s temps, and the dandelions and azaleas are starting to bloom.

I notice, as well, that there’s a spring thaw happening at home with a 48F forecast for one of the days. Hopefully, it will get rid of some of the snow.

I’ve been busy with trying to get things straightened out at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Coming of Age is listed in both their catalogues, which is good, but it doesn’t include the Kindle and Nook versions. I have already gotten feedback about that, which means loss of sales when every one counts.

There’s a mistaken notion out there that you just write a book, hand it to your publisher, and from there on you collect your royalties. Uh-uh. There’s the advertising, and the ‘riding herd’ over the booksellers, etc., etc. After that, it’s a matter of hoping you get enough sales to cover costs.

Every month I play roulette with the value of the Canadian dollar, and not surprisingly, I lose. Last month the CAD got close to the $0.78 mark, so I thought I would gamble on it going over. Not so! When I finally made a payment on my USD Visa the price had dropped to just above $0.77.

It then climbed to about $0.777, so I held off (again.) Sigh. It’s now $0.76-and-change.

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A teenager’s coming of age tale on an epic 1,500-mile cattle drive through the primordial wilderness of 19th-century British Columbia.

coafinal2medLOOSELY based on an actual cattle drive from Hanceville, British Columbia, to Canada’s remote Yukon Territory, this fictional tale pits 17-year-old Cory Twilingate against the 19th-century wilderness in order to save his father’s cash-strapped ranch.

Accompanying him on this epic adventure is the ranch foreman, “Reb” Coltrane, a ruggedly handsome cowpoke from down Texas way, and together they form a bond that is both steadfast and enduring.

Woven into this tale, is an ancient Indian legend of two star-crossed lovers who are cruelly separated by an evil spirit, but whose love endures throughout an entire millennium as their spirits search for one another.

Also lurking in the background, are an assortment of villains intent on doing Cory and Reb harm. Included are a powerful raven spirit, a homophobic serial killer, and a vengeful rancher who has vowed to destroy both Cory and his rancher father.

Although written in the classic western style, it is a cattle drive with a distinct difference.

Presently available for purchase at the booksellers Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Happy St. Valentine’s Day!


It is another beautiful day in the south (73F). A bit overcast, and rain in the forecast for tomorrow, but NO SNOW!

I just had a look at what the Maritimes are experiencing right now, with high winds and 60cm of snow. They say 50,000 people are without hydro and roads and schools are closed for today and tomorrow. Yikes!

I’ve had breakfast and my ‘glitch’ for the day. For some odd reason, the ATM at the store won’t accept my debit card. I pay most bills by credit card, anyway, but I do like to have a bit of cash on me for emergencies. The good news is that it accepted my Visa card – which is an expensive way of doing it.

Hope y’all have a special day!

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Wish you were here…

Now that winter’s here.


Winter conditions back home
Winter conditions back home


View from my window in southern Georgia
View from my window in southern Georgia


Yes, it has been a miserable winter back home. I don’t believe it has stopped snowing for a good two weeks, with snow squall alerts almost every day. And, just to add variety, they’re had freezing rain and bitter cold.

I’d be living here permanently except for the friggin’ government, which is getting more nonsensical and intrusive every day.
The way I look at it, there are three things wrong with Canadian governments: They can’t lead, and they won’t follow, and they won’t get to hell out of the way.

Coming of Age is inching closer to shelves. It has gone to the printer for approval, and once that is obtained, it will go to Kindle and Nook to be listed. Then, I can start fighting with Amazon who generally get it wrong the first, second, and third times around.

…And you thought all one had to do was write a book. 🙂

As of February 2nd, I’ve been here 3 months, and February is nearly half over.  The days are getting longer, too – by nearly 20 minutes. Good to see.

More next time.

Coming of Age on the Trail book cover
Coming of Age on the Trail will be available before the end of February in paperback, Kindle & Nook formats. Watch for it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I’d prefer waking to the birds…


The morning-mouth-jerks are still here, and worse … They’ll be here for another two weeks. Ulp!

These guys are right out of a casting call for the Hatfields and McCoys. They get off work around 7:00 AM and get into the beers – and the hooting and laughing – at about 7:01.

On a brighter note, it is a beautiful day (77F), which I hate to mention on account of the lousy weather they’re getting at home. If it’s not snowing, it’s freezing rain, and below the frost level.

Winter is just one long, cold, inconvenient, expensive, and unhealthy season.

Each month around this time I play Russian Roulette with the Canadian dollar exchange rate. Not surprisingly, I generally lose, and this time is no different. Last week the CAD was flirting with $0.77, so I gambled that it would break through before I paid my USD Visa balance. WRONG. Yesterday morning it was just above $0.76, and today it’s below.

So much for “Twinkle Toes” Trudeau’s economic prowess. He’s about as helpful as a screen door on a submarine.

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Only six more weeks of winter…



If only it were so.

Maybe the people who started Groundhog Day chose the wrong rodent. Actually, the original animal was the hedgehog, and the country was England.

That could explain it.

By the looks of the weather at home, it’s a long way from spring just yet; temperatures in the teens and snow every day for the foreseeable future. So, the only way of guaranteeing winter will end in six weeks is to move south by about 1,000 miles.

The problem of living in a hotel is not the facilities but the guests. There are a bunch of jerks next door who work nights and party in the morning – 7:00 o’clock in the morning!!

Now, as I have mentioned before, I am very jealous of those last few hours of sleep, when the bed is warm and the time is my own, so to have these rudely interrupted by a bunch of drunken yahoos is not appreciated. I have, therefore, complained to the management to quiet them down or move them.

Does it not occur to them that there are others around as well?

The last couple of days have been warm-er, but with a cool breeze. Today is a bit better at 75, and the breeze is warming, too.

More next time.