Wish you were here…

Now that winter’s here.


Winter conditions back home
Winter conditions back home


View from my window in southern Georgia
View from my window in southern Georgia


Yes, it has been a miserable winter back home. I don’t believe it has stopped snowing for a good two weeks, with snow squall alerts almost every day. And, just to add variety, they’re had freezing rain and bitter cold.

I’d be living here permanently except for the friggin’ government, which is getting more nonsensical and intrusive every day.
The way I look at it, there are three things wrong with Canadian governments: They can’t lead, and they won’t follow, and they won’t get to hell out of the way.

Coming of Age is inching closer to shelves. It has gone to the printer for approval, and once that is obtained, it will go to Kindle and Nook to be listed. Then, I can start fighting with Amazon who generally get it wrong the first, second, and third times around.

…And you thought all one had to do was write a book. 🙂

As of February 2nd, I’ve been here 3 months, and February is nearly half over.  The days are getting longer, too – by nearly 20 minutes. Good to see.

More next time.

Coming of Age on the Trail book cover
Coming of Age on the Trail will be available before the end of February in paperback, Kindle & Nook formats. Watch for it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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