Catch-up time…



I’m happy to say that our little neck of the woods is enjoying warmer than usual temps and spring-like weather. We are entering a week of upper-70s temps, and the dandelions and azaleas are starting to bloom.

I notice, as well, that there’s a spring thaw happening at home with a 48F forecast for one of the days. Hopefully, it will get rid of some of the snow.

I’ve been busy with trying to get things straightened out at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Coming of Age is listed in both their catalogues, which is good, but it doesn’t include the Kindle and Nook versions. I have already gotten feedback about that, which means loss of sales when every one counts.

There’s a mistaken notion out there that you just write a book, hand it to your publisher, and from there on you collect your royalties. Uh-uh. There’s the advertising, and the ‘riding herd’ over the booksellers, etc., etc. After that, it’s a matter of hoping you get enough sales to cover costs.

Every month I play roulette with the value of the Canadian dollar, and not surprisingly, I lose. Last month the CAD got close to the $0.78 mark, so I thought I would gamble on it going over. Not so! When I finally made a payment on my USD Visa the price had dropped to just above $0.77.

It then climbed to about $0.777, so I held off (again.) Sigh. It’s now $0.76-and-change.

More next time.

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