Think Spring!



Every day gets us closer to spring. However, I also know that the first day of spring is not the same as the first spring day.

It’s nice to see that the temperatures have moderated back home with some 48s in the forecasts. Hopefully, it will get rid of some snow.

Our little neck of the woods has been blessed this year by warmer (almost record-setting) days, with very few uncomfortable cool temperatures. Today is 77, and later on in the week, we have some 82-degree days.

If it wasn’t for Canadian law – which I have to obey even if foreigners don’t – I’d move here year-round. As it is, however, I can only be out of the country 183 days. So, how many days am I out of the country? 183! And thanks to “Twinkle Toes’ chosen people,” I have to check in and out of the country each way.

My publisher and I are just now getting the Kindle situation straightened out with Amazon – The novel was published Feb. 10th. Unfortunately, like everything else, it is caught in today’s work ethic, i.e. nobody gives a shit. It’s a job and paycheck, and when things go wrong it’s somebody else’s fault – like the guy who’s paying for it. It is so utterly frustrating.

There are a group of orientals staying just down the walkway. I heard them tell someone that they had been here since January. Mind you, they’re driving a 2017 Cadillac Escalade, so they must be refugees.

More next time.

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