Odds and ends…

Taska Racing trailer.
Taska Racing trailer.


One of the interesting thing about living in a hotel is the variety of people who come and go – with the exception of loud-mouthed drunks.

I don’t follow the auto racing circuit, so I don’t know who Bob Taska is, but some of you might.

Likewise, when I was here in 2015 (this same month) two tractor-trailers pulled in and exchanged these two beauties. I don’t know what they are, but it was all very mysterious, and they look quite exotic.


Quite a change in the weather. Yesterday, it was 86 and even hot in the room, and today is only 66. In fact, we are in for a few days in the 60s before it gets back into the 70s.

I see the temperatures are bouncing around in the home territory, too, from 48 into the teens. Unhealthy conditions.

Spring is beginning to blossom, here. Some of the trees lose their leaves over winter, and they are starting to come back to life. The azaleas and other early flowering shrubs are coming into bloom as well. However, it’s a bad time for pollen with it literally piled up in places.

More next time.



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