Happy Spring!

It’s spring,
The grass has riz,
I wonder where the birdies is.


I hope it’s spring-like whee you are, too.

Spring is mostly here. The temperature this afternoon is focast to be 82F. However, Thursday is forecast to be 63F, so winter (as such) is hanging on.

Oh, I wish I could stay here – especially to get away for “Bavmorda” Wynne, and “Twinkle Toes” Trudeau! About the only thing that is holding me back is the loss of my health benefits and the law that says I can only be hhere 183 days.

The time is certainly salipping away. I haven’t started my countdown yet, but Ihave been thinking ahead just the same. I have to get out to Walmart to get a haircut, for one thing, but I think I will order a pair of new runners online. Hopefully, I won’t have the same difficulty as I had in Belize, where a pair of $35-dollar shoes ended up costing me $165!

Speaking of Belize, I see another Canadian was mudered there. That makes three since I started to take notice.

My beloved Two Irish Lads did me proud, once again,  in the St. Patrick’s Day market. I won’t see the final tally until the end of the quarter, but sales are over 500 copies.

I will now start to flog Coming of Age. I’m not certain how it is doing because Amazon has not set up a sales page for it. While I’m waiting, however, the writing of Part Two is progressing. I’m presently at page 102/115, so it is in good shape.

More nest time.


Available in paperback and Kindle formats.


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