Thoughts of spring…


I see by the weather channel that a touch of spring has come to the northland (52 on Monday), even if it is mixed with snow and freezing rain.

A stretch of warm weather is ahead for us, as well (80s into next week.)

It seems our little corner of the world has been blessed again. The deep south has been hammered with killer electrical storms (golf-ball-sized hail, etc., that killed one person north of Atlanta), but we saw none of it.

We could use some rain, though, for conditions are very dry.

We have a landscape company looking after the grounds here at the hotel, and apart from stretching the job into a full time career, I think they have a ‘thing’ against shrubs. Every time I see them they are lopping the tops off of them.

One shrub that I liked awfully well for the aroma (something like orange blossoms) got so severely scalped that there is just a few twigs sticking above the ground. It is putting out buds, but it could really use some rain.

Things are very quiet – the way I like it. There are only a few guests, and they are all as quiet as church mice.

I saw some workers running electrical connections out to the pool area, so I pray they didn’t hook up the speakers out there. I’m right opposite it, and all I would need is to have some numbskull cranking up Shania Twit, or other ‘shrieker,’ to make my life a living hell.

The writing is going well, and I only have a handful of pages to go before it is finished (first draft). I’m getting anxious to start the new book The Brit, Kid Cupid, and Petunia.

I need a change of pace.

More next time.

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