Summer has arrived early in the south…


It is actually hot at 84, and the rest of the week is forecast the same. I am also pleased that the temperature has warmed up to early spring temps at home, as well. Hopefully, it is getting rid of some snow.

It must be getting close to my turn-around trip home. I had a nightmare about airports and being lost, etc. For whatever reason, my experiences with flights and airports is always an adventure.

Last year, it took me four days (and a bundle of cash) to get home from Belize – normally, an 8-hour flight.

We surely do need some rain, though. It hasn’t rained for over two weeks, and things are beginning to show it. The little shrubs that were just beginning to recover from being massacred by the landscaper are struggling, and their new leaves are starting to shrivel. Albeit, there is no rain in the forecast before Friday.

I see there is a three-room, beach-front cottage (with loft) for sale in Bermuda for only $1,400,000. However, it’s a choice between buying it, paying my hydro bill, or the billion-or-so that ‘Twinkle Toes’ Trudeau has tacked onto our income tax for child care benefits (i.e. votes.)

More next time.

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