Time is moving on, but it is generally only the unpleasant things that hang around.

It’s another beautiful day is grits country, 84F. I’ve been hoping for rain, but I should have remembered that old saying: Be careful what you hope for…

Starting Monday we have four days of ‘severe’ weather heading out way. Hmm…I’ll have to work around that.

I’m glad to see there are a couple of 50s in the forecast for home. It will get rid of some snow before I get there.

All is well except for a problem that mysteriously manifested itself las evening. For some unexplained reason, I am having problems chewing with my bottom denture.

Yesterday’s breakfast and lunch were just find, but it suddenly came on at dinner. It was a bit better this morning, and to give it a rest I have removed the plate when I’m  not eating.

I haven’t started the countdown yet. I’ll do that (reluctantly) around the 15th.

Apart from that, there is very little news.

More next time.

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