No rain yet…


It’s in the forecast, and it’s in the air (80% humidity), but no moisture on the ground. It has been a good three weeks since our last rainfall, so we really need a good soaker.

Ironically, there is a heavy rainfall alert around home, and the possibility of flooding.

I have been up the hill twice – for breakfast and lunch – so, I’ve done my exercise for the day.

It is surprising that, although the accident happened in 2009, I am still making improvements to that leg. I can now stand on it free of the walker, and I try to try to take a few steps whenever I think of it. So the walk to the restaurant and back, twice a day, does help.

The forecast is for rain and thunder showers until Thursday. There are some severe thunderstorms in the south – New Orleans, etc. – even the threat of tornadoes, so, hopefully, our little corner will be protected from these.

I do have air conditioning in my room, but I prefer to work with the door open or the fan at night. I have never been much for AC. I don’t think it’s healthy, so the fan works just as well.

I am at 108/117 in the novel, so that is coming along as well.

More next time.


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