Stormy weather in the forecast…

I am going to start calling our little corner of the world “Camelot” because of the weather. It only rains now and then, and only when we are tucked in our beds.

Well, that’s what happened Monday and Yesterday, anyway. We finally did get some rain and a few rumbles of thunder, Monday, but nothing yesterday. Meanwhile, the temperatures have been in the upper-eighties (feeling like 97).

However, until tomorrow there are some nasty storms in the are. One struck Atlanta yesterday, knocking trees over plus other damage, so, while we hope for rain, I’ll pass on the high winds and large hail.

One of the things I notice about the south is that everything grows quickly. Some vines that have invaded what is left of the hedge out front, grow about 4 – 5 inches per day. No wonder the early settlers were mostly into cash crops (plantations).

Mind you, the weeds do as wwell.

Another drawback of this warm weather is that the pool is open, and a family of screaming kids has booked into the hotel. Ergo, they were out there from about 9 AM until noon.

One of them is a spoiled attention-grabber with a voice that could penetrate steel. There is also no compromise until she gets her way.

The pool speakers have been disabled (thank god!), but, of course, they have their smartphones or ipads, so these are cranked up with screaming music to go along with their own senseless screaming, and the only one left listening to all of this is me.

Oh well, the temperatures are nice.


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