Time to think of spring planting…


I see there are some nice temps on the home front – even a 73F on Monday! It’s encouraging as I start to prepare for the return trip home. šŸ˜¦

It has been cool here after the rain on Monday, but it is starting to bounce back, and if you can find a sheltered spot from the wind, the sun feels great.

There is nothing newsworthy to relate, but life is pleasant nonetheless. I arise at 8:40, go for breakfast – eggs over medium, tomatoes and wheat toast – then back to check on the mail, etc.

When this is done, I wander back up the hill for chilli (well-dowsed with tobasco), and a grilled cheese sandwich. The chilli is very good. It comes in three stages: Runny, like soup; medium, and paste. I like all three, and with an iced tea and tax, it comes to $5.35. Can’t beat that.

For dinner, I eat here at the hotel. There are 123 items on the menu, and I have gone through about eighty-four, to date. The food is generally quite good, and generous, but it is a bit more expensive as well.

After dinner, I write. I am within a page or two of finishing the second-last draft, but it’s not due until July. Therefore, I will probably start the next one in the meantime.

I’m thinking I’ll make this one a short story, so, depending on how it goes, I could manageĀ to publish three novels this year.

I haven’t started the official countdown for home, as yet, but I am getting things lined up. The worst part is getting back to schedules (somebody else’s). I hate schedules with a passion. Invariably, something will go wrong, and even if it doesn’t, I’m always on edge. So, travelling day is never easy until I get there.

More next time.

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