Laundry day…

Even in paradise, the mundane things must be done. Therefore, I spent a few minutes washing the limited things in my wardrobe.

After years of practice, I have developed a method that works. When packing, I pack two and wear one. Moreover, they are all cotton or nylon, as well a colour coordinated, so they are interchangeable and can be easily washed out in the sink.

When you are hadicapped, and everything must fit into two carry-on bags, the rule is that it is cheaper to buy clothes then haul them around. Nontheless, when I pack my computers and all the paraphenalia that goes along with them, I am usually hard pressed to fasten zippers, etc.

The temperature has climbed into the 80s again, and so I think we have seen that last of the cool days before next fall. That suits me fine. I can always find cool, but not always warm.

The days are ticking away. Regretfully. I really don’t want to return to what Trudeau and Wynne are doing to our country. It is the equivalent of an evil sort of Loony-Tunes. Nonetheless, their governments have it rigged so that I can’t leave without paying even more of my limited resources toward their support. A catch 22.

It is good to see some positive temperature on the home front, though.

More next time.

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