Lots of smoke around this morning…

Okefenokee fire.
Pogo – from the long-running comic strip by the same name.

My beloved Okefenokee swamp, home to Pogo Possum and the gang, is burning.

Ever since I discovered Walt Kelly’s zany comic strip I was hooked on Okefenokee lore – Okay, the name Okefenokee caught my fancy, too.

But, now it is burning, and officials say it could burn for six months. I hope all the critters that call it home are okay.

The final countdown has started, so I am doing all the last minute things – especially those the involve someone or something else. For example, I discovered that the local ATM won’t accept my debit card for some reason or other, and I will need cash to get from here to Jacksonville.

Fortunately it does accept my Visa, but it is these sort of setbacks that I try to avoid at the last minute.

It has gotten noticeably cooler since we had a bit of rain (not enough to do any good to the ground or wildfire – but it is forecast to warm-up toward the end of the week.

More next time.



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