Just had a look at the weather in Canada (Ulp!)…

Meanwhile, it’s 93F here, feeling like 106!

The weather is perverse, or maybe it’s just my luck. Here in Georgia, we’ve been praying for rain with litttle result – for the Okefenokee fire as well as the farmland – but for the two days I will be travelling we are forecast to get thunderstorms and downpours.

A group of firefighters moved into the hotel yesterday, so dinner is a bit more scenic. Nice fellows, though; Quiet and respectful, and no ‘caveman’ parties. Not that I’ve heard, anyhow.

The prediction about the fire is that it could burn for six months. The problem is that – because of the dry conditions – it goes underground in the peat, and can break out again almost anywhere.

I wrote about a similar situation in Two Irish Lads, and when I was young, the bush on our farm – along with several others – burned for nearly a month.

The Canadian dollar continues to loose ground to the ‘greenback.’ This morning it is barely above $0.73, so between “Maleficent” Wynne and “Twinkle Toes” Trudeau, I am getting poorer every day. My investments are going nowhere, as well, so it’s a double whammy of bad news!

More next time.

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