I just got finished booking a “one-step” hotel room…

I started at around 11:00 AM, it is no 2:18 PM and I think I’m finished.

The first attempt worked well, but when I got the confirmation it was for the wrong day and 2 people.

“No problem,” said their propaganda, just do this, this, and this, which I did … Except that the second this was no place to be found. Therefore, the third this wouldn’t work.

“Okay,” says I, “I’ll phone the hotel (at a $4.00 per minute roaming charge) and speak directly to them.” Which I did, except that they couldn’t change it because the reservation had been made through Expedia. “But you can call them,” suggested the desk clerk.

Another telephone call (at $4.00 per minute) connected me to a gal in Pakistan with an unintelligible accent, and her understanding of English was not much better. However, by now it had cost me something like $40 in telephone charges, so I was ready to accept anything just to be done with it.

Bottom line: I think I bought the hotel!!

It’s 90F (feels like 104) today, but I’ll be going home to 48F! Ulp.

More next time.

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