Another airline adventure…

No matter how many times I fly, it always turns out to be an adventure.

Last year it took my four days to get home from Belize because of mechanical problems, storms over Miami and missed connections.

Wednesday, I arrived at Jacksonville International Airport at 9:30 AM for a flight aboard Air Canada at 2:00 PM. That’s when I discovered Air Canada doesn’t actually have a terminal – or a sign – so after trapesing the length of the terminal twice (with walker and luggage), I discovered that I was really flying United.

I hadn’t stopped for breakfast at the hotel because it was too expensive for what I wanted (a coffee and a muffin), so after clearing security I had a coffee and a bowl of chicken noodle soup – which would prove to be the only meal I ate all day.

Then I settled down to await the 2 o’clock flight.

Meanwhile, I hadn’t noticed that they had put up at sign reading “Now 3:30,” Apparently, there were crosswinds at Newark, and from being able to handle 50 planes per hour it declined to about 38 with incoming planes from all over the USA and the world wanting to land there.

To make matters worse, amidst all this chaos we got shoved back to 6 PM, with my connecting flight leaving from Newark to Toronto at 6:45.

The flight captain, a very layback guy and helpful, put the pedal to the medal and got us to Newark by 8:00 PM, but knowing that I would probably have to go through security again (even though I was still on a United Airlines flight – the same one I had been cleared through in Jacksonville) because this was now an Air Canada flight in a UA plane -confusing isn’t it? – I was starting to worry that I wouldn’t make my 9:35 connection.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, as the case may be, the 9:35 flight was delayed to 10:35, which then raised questions about whether my ground transportation shuttle would still be there when I arrived.

With good luck it still was, so I got to my house at 2:30 AM (an 18-hour day!)

The bright side is that it was shorter than the four days it took to get home from Belize.


The weather is typically Canadian: Dark, dreary, wet and cold. When I left, the heat index was 104. When I arrived it was 46F. Today it is 51 and raining, and Environment Canada is has issued a flood warning.

And just to make sure I wouldn’t miss a snowfall, it arranged for wet snow tomorrow and Sunday. *sigh*

More after I dig myself out.

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