It’s springtime in Canada…


Currently, it’s 55F (13C), going down to 43 (8C) tonight. Ugh!

Since I returned from the South (where it is 79F today) we’ve only had one day of spring-like temperatures. It’s so depressing you’d think the government had gotten ahold of the weather.

However, when it does decide to warm up, it will probably be as hot as hell.

My game leg is slowly healing so that I can now get around quite comfortably. However, depending on how I sleep, it tends to ache at night. This is a bit annoying because I do love my sleep.

I also managed to get my books in order for Canada Revenue and income tax. It took me three or four days because I kept discovering things that I had missed. It’s quite incredible the amount of work we do (gratis) for the government, just for the privilege of giving them more money.

With this miserably cold and wet weather, I have only spent one afternoon in the gazebo. Otherwise, I have been housebound on the inside looking out … Not that the conditions have been all that inspiring, anyhow.

About the only one to benefit from these cool and damp conditions is the thieving hydro company, because the electric furnace is still burning up dollars in the basement.

I am getting lots of writing done, though, and I am beginning to think ahead to the next novel.

More the next time.

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