Time to crank up the ole personal blog for 2015.

My, how time flies … With or without the ‘fun’ part.’’

2015 has been an eventful year so far, and continues to be. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but once I started on medication I am back to feeling 100% again.

However, it did interfere with my plans to relocate in Belize – at least for this year. Just not enough energy to pull it off; i.e. divest myself of everything I own, including property. I am going there in a couple of weeks, however, so I will decide when I return in May 2016.

Belize Beach.
Belize Beach.

I am ready to go, but other people keep getting in my way. Honestly, the level of incompetence or just damned laziness is endemic,

.For example, as of January 1st, 2015, the federal government introduced a disability benefit of $1,500 per year, retroactive to the date of the disability; which in my case is 6 years. Therefore, I made to 50 mile trip to Pefferlaw to have my doctor endorse the forms ($25.00) in plenty of time to file my income tax return on June 15th.

When I hadn’t heard from the government by July, I phoned her – only to discover that she hadn’t filed the return. Shocked, I continued to phone at least twice a week thereafter until she finally filed the papers on August 25th.

So far there has been nothing come through from the government, so I am forced to take the money from my registered retirement savings fund (RIF) and pay income tax.

Likewise, I went to my travel agent on October 1st to purchase my plane ticket. That was fine, but when I got home I discovered that she had me flying out of Toronto to Miami, and the from Miami to Toronto on the same day!

Meanwhile she had gone on holidays, and so I spoke to someone else at the agency to get it corrected. I also asked if there was a price adjustment (since a return flight from Miami to Toronto must surely be more than a flight from Miami to Belize (i.e. 2 hours).

The answer was “No,” and since I didn’t have a detailed invoice it was their word against mine. The difference: Approximately $140.

I am also waiting for a replacement credit card (the present one expires January 1st, 2016), which was supposed to arrive in “10 working days” but hasn’t showed up in 21.

And did I mention travel insurance. Two companies wanted $5,525, which was right out of the question, so I went to a third. The first quote (without mentioning my diabetes was $1,634. The second quote (with diabetes) was $3,064) a difference of about $1,400. For what? I take two pills and a shot insulin, and that’s it.

Ughhh! It’s enough to make you swear. But I’ll get there (hopefully for good) if I have to beat my arms!

Hope you’ll drop back to catch up on Gerry’s Marvelous Adventure. Smile